Hare on a Chair

The Hare on a Prayer Chair

Every chair tells a story … Every chair that comes into my workshop has a tale to tell. This is slowly revealed as I strip off the layers of fabrics and padding to restore it back to something that will become loved once more. Whilst working on a piece they often give me a glimpse […]

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So where do you find your inspiration Ella?

A question I am often asked. Most people expect creative types to warble on about how inspirational the local landscape is. Which is true, but not all the time. Read on if you would like to know how the Forbidden Forest inspired me … I was out on my daily walk, when this bright yellow […]

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Stuart and Robyn-1254

And Now for Something Completely Different ….

Many, many years ago I trained as a Theatre Wardrobe Mistress.  But for reasons I can’t quite remember (as it was that long ago) I decided the world of legal services was for me.  Turns out it wasn’t, but the money was darn good. I seemed to have a bit of a knack for men’s […]

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My Favourite Chairs of 2017

2017 was my busiest year so far at EJD, I worked on a variety of projects from tartan armchairs to gypsy caravans and everywhere in between. So when I was struck down with the dreaded man flu in the closing days of 2017 and being confined to the sofa, I finally found the time to […]

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Why You Shouldn't Talk to Strange Men in Pubs

Why You Shouldn’t Talk to Strange Men in Pubs

That’s what my Mum always taught me and maybe I should have listened, but if I had then I would have missed out on a very interesting life experience indeed. So, I am in my usual spec on the bar of the Willoughby Arms Pub one Thursday night, when in walks a stranger, wearing a […]

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