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This Not Just Any Old Piano Stool!

At first glance, you might think that this mid century piano stool is nothing special. But you would be wrong. Yet another Facebook Marketplace find. Have I ever told you how much I bluddy luv Facebook Marketplace? This stool was one of two rather ordinary, if not boring, piano stools that came from a large farmhouse in Folkingham, Lincolnshire. BUT! It has a lovely story associated with it connecting it to the Royal Family!

Underneath there are two labels. The first one states that ‘Used by The Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother at Aberdeen on the 9th October 1965″. The second says ‘Used by The Queen at S.W.R.I Headquarters 19th June 1964’.

Obviously, I have no way of validating this information. However, the chap I bought the piano stools from told me that they belonged to his Grandmother, who lived in Scotland and was quite ‘high up’ in the Scottish Women’s Rural Institute. Apparently, they changed the name to Scottish Women’s Institute in 2015.

I just think it is a lovely little story and I would like to think that it is true. I like to think of his Grandmother adding the labels after the royal visits and wonder if they had homemade cake and scones with jam? I mean this is the WI, they wouldn’t have offered the Queen or the Queen Mother shop bought items. Surely not?

Sadly, the seat of the piano stool was very tired and needed to be re-upholstered. I carefully removed the beautifully worked tapestry cover and have carefully cleaned it with the intention of making a lovely cushion from it. But what to replace it with?

After careful consideration, I decided it needed something ‘regal’. I toyed with the idea of using the silhouette of the Queen’s Head, as per a stamp, but then I had my doubts. Surely it would be a tad disrespectful to plonk your bum down on the seat displaying her majesty?

It was only fitting to use a 100% British Wool fabric in a lovely silver grey with a subtle herringbone pattern. In tribute to the two Queens, I have appliqued in black velvet a right royal crown, added a touch of silver metallic embroidery and some silver beads that have been carefully hand sewn on and shan’t be going anywhere! All my designs are designed to be used as well as admired.

This lovely piano stool, with it’s bespoke upholstery, has a lovely story to tell that will always be a talking point. If you would like to be sat on it whilst watching King Charles III coronation in May then you can find it for sale here in my Etsy Shop.

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