Latest Project - Far From Perfect

Latest Project - Far From Perfect

Far from Perfect ….

Do you know I have had this little Victorian footstool for years, indeed for so long I can’t even remember where it came from?  It’s just been hanging around the workshop with the other footstools waiting to be transformed and, if I am honest, it was definitely at the back of that queue. Poor old thing, it’s obviously had a hard life and is a little bit battered and bruised.

But this morning, it caught my eye.  I pulled it out of my ‘footstool stash’ dusted it off and thought to myself, ‘What shall we do with this ugly duckling?’  Out came the paint charts, the posh bits of designer fabrics that I keep especially for these types of projects, but nothing felt right.

So after a restorative cup of tea and a recap I came to the conclusion that I quite liked it looking a bit battered around the edges.  At some point in time, somebody had gilded the little thing and very badly too.  Bits of it were flaking off here and there.  It has knocks and dents around the edges and it was in a bit of a sorry state. But it was clearly saying to me ‘so what if I am not perfect?’  I agreed, who is?  Definitely not me.

I stripped the old cover off only to find the original upholstery underneath, all in good order.  It was much older than I thought- late Victorian perhaps and I bet it could tell a tale or two. 

After much deliberation I decided to use some vintage French toile de jouy fabric as it complimented the gold colour of the frame and just seemed right.

So here it is in its final glory – far from perfect, battered but loved and I am sure someone will give it a new home soon and love it despite all its imperfections.

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Posted by Ella