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So where did January 2016 go? One minute you are working out how to use up left over stilton and turkey and the next thing you know its February.

I am not a great one for New Year resolutions – by week two I have tended to have failed miserably so instead I set myself some ‘must try harder’ targets and the main target for 2016 is a dramatic improvement in my time management skills. Once I start a job I tend to be OK, it’s the getting started bit that is the problem. Hamlet is my middle name and I am a professional procrastinator. I need to focus on the task in hand and try not to be distracted by shiny things, lovely new fabrics or the new nine colours just launched by Farrow & Ball.

In a bid to ‘try harder’ during 2016 I am going to share with you some of my furniture in waiting projects. These are items that I have collected on my travels (ahem - some over quite a few years) and they are waiting for me to do my stuff. By showing you my queue of furniture projects I am committing to getting some of them done during the rest of the year, if I don’t then I know some of you will be chasing me up for a progress report! I am also hoping that the launch of my new website with its online shop will also be so successful that I will be embarrassed if there is no stock for sale!

Item No 1 – Victorian Button Backed Chair

This little beauty was snapped up from my local second hand furniture shop. Its frame is solid and the upholstery is in very good condition, so it just needs a bit of a face lift and a re-cover. Nothing major. I have had it for over 10 months now, so why haven’t I done anything with it? I don’t know – maybe it’s the snot green draylon fabric that is putting me off? Oh get a grip Ella, it’s such a lovely shape and you have already designed the finished item in your head so just get on with it! I am thinking lovely soft grey French linen as the main fabric but using different coloured buttons to give it a contemporary/quirky look. Or maybe pom poms instead of buttons? Watch this space.

Item No 2 – Pair of Mahogany Louis Style Salon Chairs

These beautiful pair were a bit of a bargain I came across on Ebay – so much so, I was a little embarrassed handing over the small amount of cash that I paid for them. But hey ho, you win some, you lose some. One chair requires a repair to the top rail but apart from that they are near perfect and the traditional style upholstery I have discovered underneath is of top quality. I know it’s a sin, but I might just have to paint them as dark wood is still so unfashionable and the painted look is still in vogue. I have a treasured piece of Christopher Moore blue toile de jouy that will look just perfect, but maybe I will combine it with some ticking for the perfect French country look.

Item No 3 – Victorian Tub Chair

One minute you are chatting to a friend about an old chair they are thinking of getting rid of and the next thing cash has been exchanged and it’s sitting in my workshop! Unfortunately the woodwork has some horrible orange pine tinge to it that I am not quite sure what I am going to do about yet, but I am definitely thinking a really funky colourful designer fabric to give it a bit of WOW factor.

Item No 4 - The Tip Rescue Chair

It truly amazes me what some people take to the tip. Good job my mate Bob put this to one side for me and in return for a donation to his favourite charity a deal was struck. This lovely chair has been rather badly upholstered by someone with a machine gun style staple gun. They obviously were working on the assumption why use one staple when you can rapid fire at least twenty and as a result the show wood is very badly marked. Leave it with me – I am going to surprise you with this one. Maybe a mixture of gingham and stripes?

I have a lot of other work in progress projects that I could go on to share with you, but I am going to stop now as I feel the above four are enough to be getting on with and if I am not careful I might just overwhelm myself and put my head back in the sand. I shall try not to and I look forward to showing you the above items truly transformed over the coming months.

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