My Favourite Chairs of 2017

2017 was my busiest year so far at EJD, I worked on a variety of projects from tartan armchairs to gypsy caravans and everywhere in between.  So having been struck down with the dreaded man flu in the closing days of 2017 and being restricted to the sofa, I finally find time to sit and write a new blog post, so I thought I would share with you my  all time Favourites from 2017.

Number 1 - The Tartan and Velvet Tub Chair. I love to combine contemporary with traditional and this chair illustrates what can happen when I can do what I want.  It came to me covered in a tired pale blue draylon and the woodwork have been stained orange pine sometime back in the 1980's.  It was just horrible.  There is no return from orange pine wood stain, no matter how much you sand the wood back, the only real solution is to cover it up, so I did in Farrow & Ball's 'Downpipe'.  The tartan is from Abraham Moon's fabulous range and the gunmetal velvet was a remnant from my fabric stash and the gimp braid from Troy North.  I just love the final look which is bang on trend and I am so surprised it hasn't been snapped up yet as it is greatly admired.  You can find it For Sale here 

Number 2 - Suzie's Armchair.  My friend Suzie, asked me to look out for a winged armchair for her, so I did, but I bet she wasn't expecting the one I found to be quite in the state it was.  You can read about it here 'The Abused Armchair'.  In a nutshell this chair makes it into the 2017 line up as it really was a furniture makeover that Kirsty (bloody) Allsopp (as I call her) couldn't even dream about plus the stunning Moons tartan was a challenge in its own right.  I am very proud of this one and secretly, amongst my group of friends that know Suzie and have seen her chair - we all suffer from a bad case of chair envy.

Number 3 - Kate's Patchwork Chair

Number 4.  The Sunflower Chair.  This one makes the line up as it is Ruairi's favourite chair and as head of quality control he knows what he is talking about.  It came covered in a deep red draylon.  It is a huge chair (the kind that makes me wish I was a foot taller so when I sit in it my legs don't stick out like a 5 year old),  and whilst the red suited the traditional Victorian style.  It didn't sing.  I had a chat with my client Pat who didn't really know what she wanted so I ordered a huge number of samples of fabric.  She ummed and aahed but I knew none of them were floating her boat.  So I went 'off piste' from her colour range and found this fabulous fabric featuring gold sunflowers.  As soon as I laid the sample on the chair we both knew it was 'the one'.  This fabric makes you smile and appropriately I was working on it in the middle of summer, it brightened my workshop up.  It looks absolutely stunning and totally transformed the chair into a statement piece as opposed to a boring bit of furniture.  Pat has decided to decorate her lounge to match the chair, but she is one very happy client.


Posted by Ella