Rather a Lovely Transformation!

Rather a Lovely Transformation!

Sometimes I love my job!  No, honestly I do and here is the reason why ...


A couple weeks ago I blogged about the 'abused armchair' here in  A Badly Abused Armchair .  

Take a look, it contains before photos of this armchair, but be warned, it doesn't  look

anywhere near as gorgeous as it does now.  It's rather a lovely transformation even if

I do say so myself.

But I must admit that fabric was certainly a challenge to work with, it has an abstract pattern,

no obvious centre point and the left hand side of the actual centre is different to the right hand side

if you get my drift?  There was much gnashing of teeth and I do apologise to the residents of

Little Bytham for the profanities emitting from my workshop over the last few days.

I had to decide what I thought was the most obvious and striking feature of the fabric and work with it 

accordingly.  So, the red tram lines it was, but halfway through I had doubts and thought maybe I should have 

used the black squares instead?  Then I went back to the red tram lines.

There was a lot of thinking time spent on this chair I can tell you.

Then I remembered who the chair was for ~ my friend Suzie Cope.  She can be a 

bit abstract and random herself so I decided the quirky fabric and Suzie would get 

along just fine.

The fabric is absolutely gorgeous and my photos don't really do it justice so

here is a close up

Just before you all phone me up wanting your chairs to be recovered in this

fabric please be advised that there is an additional charge for working with it.

I need to fund the enormous amount of wine required to keep me sane.

I am sure you will all agree it does look fabulous compared to how it looked originally.

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