Work in Progress - A Badly Abused Armchair

Work in Progress - A Badly Abused Armchair

I often think that there should be a society for abused furniture.  I mean we have such, much needed societies for trees, birds and animals - even children.  Why not furniture?  I have seen some dreadful cases in my time.

Here is one such case.

Why would you take a perfectly good, Parker Knoll armchair and then PAINT it, yes I did say paint it.

 And to add insult to injury they choose a miserable shade of battleship grey?  

OK so the original floral fabric is not to everyone's taste and yes, I agree it is rather dated, even grandma ish.  

But paint?  Really?

Sorry about the sideways photo, but apparently my blog software package seems to know which way it prefers such photos to be displayed.  I have tried arguing/reasoning and even pleading with it - but all to no avail.  Apparently this photo needs to be sideways.  So be it.

I also think certain TV presenters who specialise in the up-cycling of old furniture and shall remain nameless (you know who I mean Kirsty!) have a lot to answer for.  They fool people into thinking you can recover an armchair in half an hour.  

Well you can't, I have tried on many occasions and it takes days.

Lately there seems to be a definite craze for painting fabric and leather furniture.  Let me tell you something for free Folks.  This DOES NOT work. It looks bloody awful and unless you like the rather rustic finish with rough brittle fabric and never intend to sit on the said chair, ever - otherwise you come away with dried flakes of paint on your bum, don't do it.

Why would you slap an old bit of white gloss on these lovely wooden legs?  

They haven't even had the decency to paint the whole leg, just slapped a bit on here and there.

It's a good job I like a challenge as this is definitely going to be one hell of a challenge.  This chair will be transformed properly and lovingly restored over the next week or so.  

It is for my friend Suzie who has chosen one of the most gorgeous tartan's from Moon's range, bang on trend in pinks and aquas.

Here it is in all it's naked glory - I can't wait till you see it looking rather more lovely than it does now.

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