The Lonesome Chair

The Lonesome Chair

I am going a little off piste with this blog.  It is something I have wanted to share with you for quite a while now, but just didn’t have the time to stop and take photos.  Actually, that’s a big fat lie.  I didn’t want you all to think I was a little mad, or for those of you who know me - madder than you already thought I was.

Let me introduce you to ‘Lonesome Chair’...

This chair has been in its current situ for well over 6 months come sun, rain or hail.  I have driven past it frequently, my other half has driven past it twice a day on his way to and from work and neither of us has ever seen anyone sat in it … ever.  It is located in a tiny village in rural Lincolnshire called Creeton - the next village on from where I live. 

There isn’t much there really, a few houses, a rather lovely church and a dairy farm (one of the remaining few in this area).  The cows cross the road to the farm for milking just down from a rather sharp bend in the road which is known colloquially as ‘cow poo corner’. 

The main point of interest in Creeton is without doubt, Lonesome Chair.  As you can see it is in the middle of nowhere.  Lonesome chair is surrounded by fields and placed close to the road leading to the bigger villages of Swinstead and Corby Glen.

Each time I pass it I wonder why it is there.  How did it get there?  Whose chair is it? Why hasn’t someone picked it up and given it a new home?  Is it waiting for its owner to come back and once again sit in it?  I am sure you will agree it does look rather lonely.  I have spent quite a few hours pondering on the story of Lonesome Chair.  It must be rather soggy by now and the wood work is starting to look a tad weathered but it’s a classic 1970’s shape and style that would look fabulous in a funky, contemporary fabric and I would certainly enjoy transforming it and giving it a new lease of life. But something stops me from driving to Creeton, screeching to a halt and bundling it in the back of my car.  It’s not just the cows watching me.  There is a story to this chair and I am not comfortable stealing err, I mean rescuing the chair until I know more.

Maybe one of the locals could enlighten me?

Posted by Ella