And Now for Something Completely Different ....
Many, many years ago I trained as a Theatre Wardrobe Mistress.  But for reasons I can't quite remember (as it was that long ago) I decided the world of legal services was for me.  Turns out ..
My Favourite Chairs of 2017

Here are my Top 5 favourite chairs that I worked on during 2017.  All very different, each one has been somewhat of a challenge and they all have a story to tell.

Why You Shouldn't Talk to Strange Men in Pubs
That's what my Mum always taught me and maybe I should have listened, but if I had then I would have missed out on a very interesting life experience indeed.So, I am in my usual spec on the bar of the..
Rather a Lovely Transformation!
Sometimes I love my job!  No, honestly I do and here is the reason why ... A couple weeks ago I blogged about the 'abused armchair' here in  A Badly Abused Armchair .  Take a ..
Work in Progress - A Badly Abused Armchair
I often think that there should be a society for abused furniture.  I mean we have such, much needed societies for trees, birds and animals - even children.  Why not furniture?  I have ..
Furniture in Waiting .... An Update (At last)

How an ugly Victorian tub chair has been transformed into a stunning piece of contemporary furniture.

Update on The Lonesome Chair
Lonesome Chair has hopefully found a new home.  He is no longer abandoned by the side of the road in Creeton.  One day he was there, the next he was gone. This happened between Christmas and..
The Lonesome Chair

The mystery of the Lonesome Chair in Creeton, Lincolnshire.  Why is it there?

A September to Remember ...
Well here we are in September – it will soon be Christmas!  (Only joking) …. Summer was a bit of a late starter this year but as the lovely August weather seems set to continue into the begi..
A Date for your Diary ....

I have been told I must blog more.  I know this too but it doesn’t always come naturally to me, I kind of think ‘who wants to know what I am up to?  I don’t live that exciting a life’.  But, I am reliably informed that people are naturally nosy sorry, I meant interested …

August Mood Board
Picked from my garden - a jug bursting with the last blowsy scented roses, tendrils of clematis, lady’s mantle and lavender creates the perfect holiday mood – warm, cheerful and relaxed …Most of my fr..
Summer Cushions

Pretty accessories in lively floral prints are a simple, inexpensive way to add energy to a room.  Floral fabrics in complementary colours are always eye catching and easy to mix with other patterns such as stripes and gingham checks.

Remember This?

An update on how I have transformed this rather horrible, filthy green draylon chair into a beautiful shabby chic bedroom chair.

Latest Project - Far From Perfect

An ugly duckling of a footstool is given a transformation!

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