About Us

I have always had a love of vintage and antique furniture and take an avid interest in interior design.  As a young girl I spent hours with my Dad, a French Polisher by trade, in his work-shop learning some of his skills and techniques renovating many old pieces of dilapidated furniture.

After a long and busy career in legal services, one day I decided to change my life completely and turn my hobby into a fulfilling career. I had been studying upholstery at night school for over 20 years (my house is filled with too many antique chairs) and working with vintage and antique furniture was almost second nature to me.  

Here at Ella Jenkins Designs I believe that such pieces require the use of more traditional up-holstery techniques and a little patience, after all grandma’s old chair deserves a little respect.

Whenever possible I re-cycle, re-use and reconstruct. A self-confessed fabric magpie, I am happy to work with either contemporary or more traditional fabrics.