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My Favourite Chairs of 2017

Here are my Top 5 favourite chairs that I worked on during 2017.  All very different, each one has been somewhat of a challenge and they all have a story to tell.

Why You Shouldn't Talk to Strange Men in Pubs
That's what my Mum always taught me and maybe I should have listened, but if I had then I would have missed out on a very interesting life experience indeed.So, I am in my usual spec on the bar of the..
Rather a Lovely Transformation!
Sometimes I love my job!  No, honestly I do and here is the reason why ... A couple weeks ago I blogged about the 'abused armchair' here in  A Badly Abused Armchair .  Take a ..
Work in Progress - A Badly Abused Armchair
I often think that there should be a society for abused furniture.  I mean we have such, much needed societies for trees, birds and animals - even children.  Why not furniture?  I have ..