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2017 was my busiest year so far at EJD, I worked on a variety of projects from tartan armchairs to gypsy caravans and everywhere in between.  So having been struck down with the dreaded man flu i..
Why You Shouldn't Talk to Strange Men in Pubs
That's what my Mum always taught me and maybe I should have listened, but if I had then I would have missed out on a very interesting life experience indeed.So, I am in my usual spec on the bar of the..
Rather a Lovely Transformation!
Sometimes I love my job!  No, honestly I do and here is the reason why ... A couple weeks ago I blogged about the 'abused armchair' here in  A Badly Abused Armchair .  Take a ..
Work in Progress - A Badly Abused Armchair
I often think that there should be a society for abused furniture.  I mean we have such, much needed societies for trees, birds and animals - even children.  Why not furniture?  I have ..